The Evolution of MPD Operation Matrix: IME

MPD operation matrix helps us to manage the risk when an influx is taken during MPD operations.

In the MPD operation matrix influx’s sizes are limited to surface equipment and detection capabilities, whereas the Influx Management Envelope (IME) quantifies them and go one step further and validate the data with well control simulation software.

Why? Because it’s not only the influx’s size what it matters, depending on the influx’s nature, formation properties and influx’s tolerance, during the circulation and control the influx might expand further than expected and brake the shoe or weak formation below the shoe; or perhaps you can take a large influx and still able to circulate it and control it with the actual MPD equipment.

The IME is a dynamic process; take in account multiple parameters like annular friction, surface pressure, influx size, reservoir properties, flow rate etc.

It might require endless hours to achieve this task using different software and complicated spreadsheets.

In this short video learn how using Drillsoft HDX+ you can do this challenging task easy with a few clicks.


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