Drillsoft HDX Plus (HDX+)

Drillsoft HDX Plus is a multi-phase transient well model. This is the enhanced version of HDX with all its functionalities and has included additional modules like Torque & Drag and Well Control.

It also includes a new Influx Management Envelope (IME) Tool to calculate and evaluate the risks during MPD operations.

HDX+ Well Control Simulation

HDX+ Well Control Calculations

HDX+ Influx Management Envelope

HDX+ Torque & Drag

Drillsoft Torque and Drag module calculates axial tension, stretch, twist, hook load, and torque. It supports conventional and unconventional drilling operations which allows the modeling of all field operations including (RIH, POOH, Drilling and Rotating Off Bottom) for drillstring, casing string, completion, and coiled tubing manufactured from steel and non-steel materials.