Drillsoft PMCD

IADC defines PMCD as a variation of MPD that involves “drilling with no returns to surface, where an annulus fluid column, assisted by surface pressure, is maintained above a formation that is capable of accepting fluid and cuttings”.

During PMCD operation, sea-water is normally used as sacrificial mud and no cuttings are recovered to the surface. Drillsoft PMCD can simulate reverse circulation into the annulus while applying surface back pressure to bull head fluids into the formations and to maintain a full wellbore and balanced pressure.

With Drillsoft PMCD you can visualize and monitor the different fluids in the well schematic, keep track of reverse flow volumes and changes in pressure. Drillsoft PMCD simplifies understanding, planning and execution of PMCD procedures and operations.


  • Reverse flow into the annulus
  • Gas migration/adjustable velocity/ tracking gas migration
  • Ability to define total loss zones in formations due to fractures
  • Tracking of rate and total volume of LAM to bullhead
  • BATCH mode
Fractured zones are designated by red indicators on well schematic. Loss of circulation severity can be adjusted by adjusting the Fracture Severity Factor. Drillsoft PMCD allows the user to reverse circulate as indicated as Negative Red value in Flow Out.
Drillsoft PMCD features a Floating Mud Cap Drilling (FMCD) feature to simulate a sudden loss of mud column in the annulus in case of a total loss situation. This feature also is coupled with the reverse flow (bull-heading) and multi-mud feature to optimize cycles and maintain a safe operation while saving cost on expensive drilling muds.
Drillsoft PMCD software also plots the annular velocity profile to compare with gas migration rate to optimize the reverse flow (bull-heading) rate and cycles. This saves the user from wasting mud by pumping unnecessary amounts of mud at high rates into the well. The user can easily determine the optimal volume and rate to bull head to counter any gas in the annulus.
DrillSoft PMCD allows the user to configure and use multiple fluids simultaneously in the well. With PMCD and FMCD operations, the user may need to pump sacrificial mud through the drill pipe while, pumping a heavier or lighter mud through the top of the annulus to keep a balanced column and prevent gas migration to the surface.