Unlock MS-Excel using this Real-Time Component. (No programming Skills)

Drillsoft has developed an ActiveX component that allows you to connect your own interface with our Hydraulic transient engine.

This technology allows you design your own interface in any programing language. For instance, you don’t need to be MS-Excel expert to get a customize spreadsheet with tables and graphs. So you focus on your design how present data and the ActiveX component will bring the data to your spreadsheet just calling a few methods and events. No programming skills required.

Also if you are a developer this amazing tool will facilitate your job, because you can create multiples interfaces for different end users.


“An ActiveX component is a unit of executable code, such as an .exe, .dll, or .ocx file, that follows the ActiveX specification for providing objects. ActiveX technology allows programmers to assemble these reusable software components into applications and services”. (Source: Microsoft)

ActiveX Architecture

Microsoft standard architecture for reusable software components. Can be used on many programming environments:
C++ Builder
Web Browser
Lab View

How it works

1. Register your HDXM component
2. Open Excel create a macro and go to menu Tools and select References.
3. Click Browse… and find the HDXM location.
4. Create an object and start calling methods to bring data (e.g.  a=b.get_Array())

The interface of ActiveX controls

  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Events


This video show how easy you can use the ActiveX component in MS-Excel


Easy Integration

Using general programming languages (VB, VC++,etc.)
Interactive and eve-driven programming
Low Cost
Easy programing, save you time (and money) not only in initial implementation but also in future maintenance
Better than ready-to-run package or graphical language
Easy to Integrate with Excel, Web, OPC Server, DDE server and database. Open and extensible
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