Drillsoft HDX – Real Time Hydraulics Simulator

Drillsoft HDX is a single-phase transient well model that calculates and evaluates down-hole Pressures and Temperatures during drilling, circulating and shut-in operations for Land and Deep-Water Offshore Wells. Drillsoft HDX provides a wide range of tools to plan wells. These features include:

  • Manage Pressure Drilling
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Surge & Swab Envelope
  • Fluid Rollover
  • Riserless Drilling for Pre-BOP Pump and Dump Operations
  • Under Reamer
  • Bit Optimization
  • Directional Planning and 2D & 3D viewing
  • Booster Pump for Floaters
  • Hole Cleaning
  • Batch Operations
  • Rheology Optimization with 5 Models
  • Advanced Temperature Model incorporating Heat Transfer Between formation, Casing Annular fluid and fluid in drill string

Drillsoft HDX provides 5 customizable graphical Interface:

  1. Pressure Profile (Annular Pressure and Drill String Pressure Profile)
  2. ECD Profile (ECD, EMW, Density In Drill String and Density In Annulus)
  3. Temperature Profile (Rock, Pipe, Annulus, Inside Drill String)
  4. Hole Cleaning Profile (Annular Velocity, Slip, Cuttings %, CCI)
  5. Trends (ECD, EMW, SBP, SPP, CSG ECD, CSG Pressure, BHP, Bit Pressure etc.)
Drillsoft HDX includes a Riserless Drilling feature to simulate Pump and Dump operations for Pre-BOP section. This allows you to remove the riser and simulate no returns process and incorporates the changes into the calculations.
With Drillsoft HDX you can also prepare a Surge & Swab envelope to guide with tripping operations. This feature depicts multiple speeds and provides a broomstick graph for both trip in and trip out of the hole. The graph provides a trip speed range for each depth interval for minimum and maximum ECD limitations.
Drillsoft HDX improves Hydraulic Optimization by achieving the best condition to clean the well — when the force provided by the jets is the maximum. Flow optimization show the best flow rate to achieve optimal horsepower at bit, also include fluid’s optimization and calculate the best fit rheological model, it also supports up to five rheological models to choose from