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Understanding the behavior of Influxes in OBM and WBM (8/1/2018)- Many articles have been writing about this matter, some with high technical explanation other with complicated terminology; this time we like to simplify and explain it using simple terminology the complex behavior of influxes (gas kicks) in Oil Based Mud (OBM) and Water based mud (WBM). In the video below you can see the differences Continue reading
Torque Software Vuln!! Path it now!! (3/12/2018)- Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!
Successful Validation of Drillsoft Hydraulic Software: Transient Simulator in a Deep-Water well (1/15/2018)- A successful validation of Drillsoft® hydraulics software transient well model was carried during the drilling operation in deep-water well in West Africa.  Using Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD – measurement of downhole annulus pressure and temperature) to compare the measured ECDs and static mud densities with hydraulic transient model predictions. This article present actual pressure and temperature data during Continue reading
Find out what are the maximum pressures you can handle an influx safely. (10/7/2017)- Managed Pressure Drilling: Operations Safety Measures Question: How do you know is the managed pressure drilling Operation matrix is “safe”? RCD Limit: 450 psi LOT: 13 ppg Min Influx allowed while drilling: 2 Bls* Max Influx allowed while drilling: 5 Bls* * Data as per company’s polices Answer: Run IME and check safe influx values. Continue reading
What is a Code Signing Certificate? Why is important? (10/5/2017)- The code signing certificate acts as a digital signature, confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed. Eliminate “Unidentified Publisher” warnings. Code signing is widely used to protect software that is distributed over the Internet. Code signing does not alter it; it simply appends Continue reading
Coriolis Flow Meter Get the Most of Coriolis Flow Meters. Improve Your Operations with This Advanced Diagnostics (10/4/2017)- Generally in MPD/UBD operations and drilling companies use devices to measure flow in and flow-Out. The most common device nowadays for flow_out is a Coriolis flow meter (mass flow meter), because this technology is reliable and offer measurements not only flow but density, temperature among others. There exist a variety of these Coriolis flow meters Continue reading
Drillsoft: Drilling Software & Automation (9/28/2017)- Drillsoft is a platform for hydraulic applications and simulators for Dynamic Pressure Drilling (MPD/UBD) or conventional drilling.
What exactly is transient and how is different from steady-state calculations? (9/26/2017)- The important effect of Temperature. The transient Temperature effect is very important in the accuracy of MPD/UBD calculations. Most people ignore this effect perhaps because they don’t have the right tools to calculate the transient effect, so many engineers just take the thermal gradient and use steady state formulas to calculate the bottom hole temperature. Continue reading
The Evolution of MPD Operation Matrix: IME (9/13/2017)- MPD operation matrix helps us to manage the risk when an influx is taken during MPD operations. In the MPD operation matrix influx’s sizes are limited to surface equipment and detection capabilities, whereas the Influx Management Envelope (IME) quantifies them and go one step further and validate the data with well control simulation software. Why? Continue reading
Unlock MS-Excel using this Real-Time Component. (No programming Skills) (8/6/2017)- Drillsoft has developed an ActiveX component that allows you to connect your own interface with our Hydraulic transient engine. This technology allows you design your own interface in any programing language. For instance, you don’t need to be MS-Excel expert to get a customize spreadsheet with tables and graphs. So you focus on your design how present Continue reading
Hole Cleaning Problems? See How Optimize Cuttings Transport and Drilling Hydraulics (7/24/2017)- Introduction To Hole Cleaning Drilling fluid hydraulics and hole cleaning is an integral part of the practical processes required for planning and drilling a well. Optimization of cuttings transport depends on so many factors- hole angle, cutting size, drill string rotation, drill pipe eccentricity, optimization of bit hydraulics, ROP, hole cleaning pills, cuttings transport ratio, Continue reading
Drillsoft HDX: Dynamic Pressure Drilling (7/16/2017)- Drillsoft HDX is REAL TIME Software that concentrates on drilling hydraulics and modeling wellbore pressures and temperatures during all phases of the drilling operation in extended-reach, highly deviated, horizontal and high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) wells. The simulator uses state of the art algorithms and provides the user with a wide range of modeling options. Continue reading
Surge and Swab effect during your simulation (RIH/POOH) (7/12/2017)- This video shows the Surge and Swab effect while tripping (RIH/POOH) and how we can incur in losses even though the bottom ECD seems fine and still we are far from bottom fracture pressure/ECD.  Don’t miss it!! This generally happens in “weaker” formations below the casing/liner shoe, so we need to pay special attention not Continue reading
Another Interesting Effect of Surge & Swab While Circulating!!! (7/8/2017)- This video shows a simulation RIH and POOH continuously (e.g. Coiled tubing) and the surge and swab effect in a well.
drilling hydraulics Drilling Hydraulics Optimization (7/8/2017)- The Concept of Drilling Hydraulic Optimization One of the basic features of drilling fluid is to remove the drilled cuttings from beneath the bit. The fluid pumped through the bit nozzles exist at high velocity and impacts the whole bottom. After impact, a crossflow develops that forces cuttings away from hole bottom and up the Continue reading
Wait and Weight Method VS Driller’s Method (6/3/2017)- Comparison between Wait and Weight Method and Driller’s Method. It’s very well-known and documented the pros and cons between these two methods, we show you the real or numeric quantification between them using both methods under the same conditions. In the video, you will see a simulation of 10 barrels gas influx controlled using both Continue reading
Sidebar – Advanced Features (4/13/2017)- Advanced Features
Copy & Paste (4/7/2017)- Copy & Paste from spreadsheets is very easy!
Pumping Fluids Offshore Well (4/7/2017)- Pumping different fluids through the Riser and main pump in offshore well.
Well Planning (4/5/2017)- Well planning is easy with Drillsoft, just a few clicks!
RIH & POOH Well (4/5/2017)- This video shows you how RIH/POOH, BHA plays an important role in terms of ECD and Bottom Hole Pressures.
PLC + HMI All-In-One (4/4/2017)- This video show how Drillsoft is driving automation in a compact but powerful PLC +HMI All-In-One Unitronics Vision series.
Adding Lithology Pore & Fracture Pressure (4/4/2017)- Adding Lithology, Pore & Fracture Pressure. In this video learn how you can add lithology, pore and fracture gradients in order to have visual reference points while working with  fluids and perform MPD operations.
Loading Well Geometry (4/4/2017)- Loading different well’s geometries. Vertical, Deviated, Horizontal and more…  
How Create an Offshore Well (4/4/2017)- This video shows you how to create an Offshore well in just a few clicks using a very friendly UI.
Drillsoft Animation (2/25/2017)- Drillsoft Animation