Welcome to Drillsoft!

Drillsoft is a platform for hydraulic applications and simulators for Dynamic Pressure Drilling (MPD/UBD) or conventional drilling.

Real-Time Software

Drillsoft HDX is REAL TIME Software that concentrates on drilling hydraulics and modeling wellbore pressures and temperatures during all phases of the drilling operation in extended-reach, highly deviated, horizontal and high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) wells. The simulator uses state of the art algorithms and provides the user with a wide range of modeling options. Learn More…

Hydraulic Optimization

One of the basic features of drilling fluid is to remove the drilled cuttings from beneath the bit. Penetration rate and overall drilling cost depend greatly on the cleaning action of the drilling fluid.
Bit hydraulic horsepower, impact force, and nozzle velocity are common criteria for optimizing jet-bit hydraulics.

Drillsoft HDX improves Hydraulic Optimization achieving the best condition to clean the well is when the force provided by the jets is the maximum.. Learn More…

Compatibility and Adaptability

Drillsoft is fully compatible with the latest cutting-edge technologies and it adapts to a wide variety of PLCs through different communication protocols. The algorithms can be modified to work with any automated control system.