• Who We Are

    We are a team of engineers with experience in the oil and gas industry.

  • What We Do

    We develop software and automation tools with the highest industry standards.

  • Our Vision

    To be a leading and recognized company in the oil and gas industry.

Drilling Software For User Customization & Performance Optimization.

DrillSoft specializes in Dynamic Pressure Drilling (MPD/UBD), developing tools that facilitate calculation quickly and accurately through a friendly and reliable interface. Our products are fully compatible with the latest cutting-edge technology and it adapts to a wide variety of PLC’s through different communication protocols.

Lower Well Costs, Increase Reliability, Maximize Operations.

DrillSoft’s years of experience in the oil and gas industry allows solutions to be carried out internally to ensure the highest possible level of functionalities, quality and user-friendliness. Our services overcome challenges that operators face in todays oil and gas industry  for dynamic pressure drilling or conventional drilling. We help companies save time, money, and enhance safety protocols on the field.

About Us

Drilling Solutions Meeting The Highest Industry Standards

Learn more on how DrillSoft’s drilling software modules and well drilling automations will optimize well drilling processes.

  • Real-Time Software

    Drillsoft HDX is a hydraulic transient model, which calculates the profiles of pressure and temperature as well as the well’s ECD in Real Time. The simulator uses state of the art algorithms and provides the user with a wide range of modeling options…

  • Torque & Drag Module

    Calculates axial tension, stretch, twist, hook load, & torque. It supports conventional & unconventional drilling operations which allows the modeling of all field operations including for drill string, casing string, completion, & coiled tubing manufactured from steel & non-steel materials.

  • Hydraulic Optimization

    Drillsoft HDX improves Hydraulic Optimization achieving the best condition to clean the well is when the force provided by the jets is the maximum. One of the basic features of drilling fluid is to remove the drilled cuttings from beneath the bit.

  • I.M.E Tool

    The Influx Management Envelope, IME, is a tool used to analyze incidental influxes during Managed Pressure Drilling, MPD. It used kick tolerance concepts, which are based on the relationship between the volume and the intensity of encountered influxes.

Try Out Our Drillsoft HDX Software.

Request a demo of Drillsoft’s HDX drilling software. The demo allows you to familiarize with the user interface and make some basic calculations. Several restrictions such reporting, database logging, operational options, correction factors, WITS, etc.

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